Maximize the utilization of your charge points with Corporate Social Charging.


Companies and Organizations aiming at lowering their footprint might find it challenging to do so while optimizing their investments.

Corporate Social Charging is a tailored solution for your electric-driving employees that will allow you to maximize the utilization of your existing infrastructure and the electric mileage of your fleet.


Utilization increase of up to 200%

Enabling Corporate Social Charging for your employees will allow you to:

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership

  • Increase the number of EVs charged by each charging station from 1 up to 3 per day, and reduce your investments in additional infrastructures by up to 200%.

  • Maximize your fleet’s total electric kilometers

  • Show charge point statuses with employees without publishing the charge locations to external drivers

  • Make your employees happy by maximizing the availability of the charge points

Step 1

  • Navigate to the location

  • All charge points occupied? Join the Waitlist!

Step 2

  • View your position in the Waitlist

  • If you wish, you can contact directly your colleagues via the chat

Step 3

  • Receive a notification and plug your car within the time frame, or wait until the next charge point becomes available


We’re happy to hear from you! Contact us for any questions or about what Social Charging can do for you.


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