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For governments and municipalities, increasing electric mobility comes at the cost of building the necessary infrastructures.

Social Charging is partnering with municipalities in the Netherlands and abroad to ensure a better utilization of public charge points and of your resources and infrastructures. 

With Social Charging, we make sure that the charging stations are utilized in the most efficient way to accommodate the needs of more electric vehicles. With Smart Charging, we ensure that the electricity used to recharge the EVs comes as much as possible from sustainable sources and at a lower cost for the provider and the user.



Accelerate the transition to electric mobility and sustainable energy with Social Charging.


  • Maximize your charge point utilization: Social Charging enables electric drivers to connect to each other, to efficiently share public charging stations. By minimizing the number of cars connected and completely charged, the total electric mileage in your region will increase significantly

  • Optimize your resources: by increasing the utilization rate of existing infrastructure, (local) governments can avoid unnecessary investments

  • Smart Charging: by enabling Smart Charging, the users will be able to choose between a "fast", "cheap" or "green" charging mode, to satisfy their needs and at the same time benefit the environment


We’re happy to hear from you! Contact us for any questions or about what Social Charging can do for you.


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